I wash my face to get rid of acne. I clean my skin to look good and have confidence. Those are good reasons to take care of your skin but the reasons go beyond looking good and feeling good. Many people forget: the skin is the largest organ of the human body. We need to take good care of it like we would care for any of our other vital organs.

Like the heart and lungs, the skin has many functions to protect us and keep us alive. Here are 5 ways maintaining healthy skin will benefit your life…

1. The skin is our first line of defense between our bodies and the world.

This is the skin’s most vital role. It protects us from bacteria, viruses, pollution, chemical substances, and more. In a time where we might come in contact with a virus that could harm us and our loved ones, taking care of our skin is important to keep its defense system strong. The skin keeps us safe from harm in more ways than one. 

2. The skin recognizes pain sensations that alert us to danger. 

When you touch something hot, you immediately remove your hand because it hurts. If your skin didn’t notify you that heat meant danger, you would have ended up with burns. Not only that, but the skin’s touch receptors carry messages to the brain to experience pleasure, as well. Without these receptors, life would be less interesting and more dangerous. 

3. The skin regulates body temperature.

Your body remains healthy at a certain temperature. When that gets lower or higher, the body works to regulate it back to its normal state. This explains why a common symptom of illness is a fever. Your body is informing you that it is sick.

4. The skin maintains homeostasis in the body by secreting waste substances and absorbing necessary vitamins. 

Sweat glands in the skin remove waste substances from your body. I know, sweating is gross and most of us will do anything to prevent it. But sweating is good! It means that your skin is doing its job to get bad and harmful substances out of the body. While it removes harmful substances, it also absorbs good nutrients for the body. That’s why moisturizing is important.  

And of course…

5. The skin’s appearance plays a role in how we see ourselves and how others perceive us. 

Here’s where taking good care of your skin affects your appearance. Nobody likes a giant pimple in the middle of their forehead. 

All of these functions play important roles in benefiting our lives. It’s important to uphold the skin’s capabilities and keep it healthy. There are many uncontrollable factors like genetics, aging, and certain conditions that can negatively affect the skin. There are factors that you can control. External influences can impact how the skin’ ability to effectively operate: unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, not enough exercise, stress and more. Here’s a few things you can do to keep your skin looking and acting at its best. 

  • Eat a healthy diet with skin-healthy foods like tomatoes, mangos, green tea, and olive oil.
  • Reduce stress through techniques like meditation, yoga, listening to music, going for a walk…whatever makes you feel stress-free!
  • Moisturize your skin to retain hydration.
  • Get your 7-9 hours of beauty sleep.

 The skin does a lot to keep us safe and regulated. It’s our job to take care of it. By changing these habits, your skin will improve its function and benefit your way of life. Need a new skincare routine? Check out Sanseti’s collection of cleansing skincare products.


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