During this current global pandemic, most of our days are spent inside social distancing and quarantining. You may think that because you’re not putting on makeup everyday for public appearances, your skin care routine doesn’t have to be as regimented as usual. Even though your skin isn’t being exposed to as many germs from the environment’s pollutants and UV rays, you still need to upkeep its special treatment when spending your days at home. 

Can’t get to your regular facial? That’s okay. There are many at-home tips and treatments you can perform on your skin to keep it fresh and glowing even on the dullest of days. 

1. Wash

You still need to wash your face daily, morning and evening. You’re probably thinking, I’m staying at home, not wearing makeup or in contact with the air’s toxins. That may be the case but your skin still has natural oils that clog its pores and can cause it to “freak out.” Washing your face is an important step in your morning and nighttime routine regardless of what you do that day. Don’t let the oil, bacteria and other debris build up causing breakouts. 

Our Daily Exfoliating Cleanser with Natural AHA/BHA Extracts removes the dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and sweat from the surface of your skin which leaves your skin clean and glowing. Lemon, oatmeal, milk and sugar are great at-home ingredients to wash your face without access to soap. 

2. Moisturize

One of the biggest ways you can help your skin is moisturizing. Sanseti’s Revitalizing Marine Moisturizer is a great option to replenish your skin and have it feeling revitalized all day. If you don’t have immediate access to this moisturizer, there are some at-home items that you can use to enhance moisture while you wait for Sanseti’s top quality moisturizer to come in the mail. Some everyday items like coconut oil, honey, plain yogurt, olive oil, and vaseline will keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated. It even makes for a fun activity to make your own hydrating face mask. Mixing honey and olive oil make for a great moisturizer.

3. Continue Your Routine

Any drastic changes in your routine may cause drastic changes in your skin. Upholding your regular routine will help your skin keep its usual dewey glow. When your skin starts to change during your routine, then make adjustments accordingly. Be consistent. Change isn’t easy for anyone, especially your skin.

4. Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

Something not many people think about is what their skin is exposed to on a normal basis. How many times do you touch your face? Each time you do so, you are transferring the germs, oils, and dirt from your hands to your face. It’s especially important during this time that you don’t touch your face at all because of the risk of contamination. Are you changing your pillowcase? Your pillowcase, like your skin at the end of the day, has a buildup of dirt, oil, and debris from daily use. It is recommended to change the case at least once a week. Are you getting the appropriate amount of sleep?…Drinking the appropriate amount of water? These simple daily tasks will not only keep your skin rejuvenated but contribute to many other health benefits as well. 

Societal changes are causing major disruptions in everyone’s daily lives. Don’t let those changes disrupt your skin. While staying at home, try these at-home skincare tips and see the improvements in your complexion. For more information on your skin, visit Sanseti’s blog.


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