About Us

About Sanseti


Sanseti is a worldwide skin care brand offering clinically proven, safe, and effective skin care solutions reaching women and men of every kind. Our goal is to nourish, maintain, and restore your skin to help it glow with a radiant beauty so you can always look your best. Formulated to delight the senses and deliver beautiful results, we design products powered by the best that science and technology have to offer, but rooted in the power and beauty that can be found in nature.



The Sanseti team is comprised of a diverse mixture of individuals. We have some of the best skin care professionals in the country who are constantly looking to improve our formulations and come up with new ones that we think that you might enjoy. Our hard working fulfillment & quality assurance teams are quite literally dialed in around the clock to make sure that our customers are always taken care of, that your orders are going out accurately, and in a timely manner. And who could forget our lovable marketing & technology teams (aka our computer nerds), who not only help drive the growth of Sanseti, but also are there to help us all every time our computers decide not to cooperate with us.

Our team goal every day is to help our brand reach as many people as possible around the world who might love Sanseti products as much as we do. Once those customers find us, we very much enjoy taking care of our customers and communicating with them. It is your loyalty and feedback that helps make Sanseti a success. Thank you from all of us for your support as our journey building out this brand continues to grow & evolve.


100% Cruelty-Free

Environmentally Responsible

Formulated in the USA