Before you leave your house, make sure you have the essentials: keys, check! Wallet, check! And now, mask, check! Wearing a mask has become a part of our daily lives. We wear them to work, run errands, go shopping, and eat out. Although wearing a mask is necessary to protect yourself and others against the COVID virus, it can also have negative effects on your skin. Just like we have to make adjustments to our skincare routines depending on the weather, we must now make adjustments to our skin after wearing our new daily accessory. 

Wearing a mask for long periods of time can cause an excess of moisture to build up on the skin. The friction from the mask on the skin can also cause dryness. These conditions lead to breakouts and skin irritations on and around the area of the skin the mask has the most contact with. Here are a few ways you can prevent these skin issues…

Choose the Right Mask

Look for a mask with the following qualities: snug but comfortable, has two layers of fabric, and is made of soft, breathable fabric like cotton on the inside. Certain fabrics can be harsh against the skin and are more likely to irritate the skin and cause breakouts. The snug yet comfortable fit protects against the coronavirus and avoids additional friction that can cause skin rashes and itchiness. 

Don’t forget to wash your mask, too! Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs cleansing. Face masks are an article of clothing. Just as you would clean your shirt after a long day’s wear, wash your mask along with it. Your mask absorbs oils, germs, and dirt all day. That’s its job. But you wouldn’t want to re-wear the same dirty cloth mask the next day. You would only be inviting breakouts on your skin

Keep Your Skin Clean and Moisturized

The solution to dry skin and an excess of moisture is to moisturize. It sounds counterproductive to moisturize skin that already has an excess amount of moisture in it. However, keeping the skin moisturized stops the glands from producing more oils to hydrate the skin. Those oils are what causes breakouts and flare-ups in the skin. 

First things first: wash your face every morning and evening before bed. The best thing you can do for your skin is to cleanse all of the dirt and bacteria it has collected from the day. Then, moisturize. Apply a moisturizer before and after wearing a mask. Dermatologists recommend using a moisturizer containing any of the following ingredients: hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, and/or ceramides. Sanseti’s Revitalizing Marine Moisturizer soothes irritated and dehydrated skin while keeping the skin hydrated. It can even fit in your bag for on-the-go hydration.

Wearing a mask is the new normal. Start adjusting your skincare because of it! Moisturizing should already be a vital part of your skincare routine. If it’s not, start now. Check out what else Sanseti has to offer for your skin. 


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