Coconut oil has many purposes. Dry hair with split ends? Make a hair mask with coconut oil. Spending a day at the beach? Use coconut oil for an even tan. Chapped lips? Coconut oil can also be used as a lip balm. You can even use it to wash your face, dab on as eye cream, substitute for lotion, and more! But is coconut oil actually good for your skin?

Coconut oil is a saturated oil made from the oil of raw coconuts or dried coconut kernels. It’s solid and opaque at room temperature but when warmed, it melts and softens to a clear oil-like consistency. It’s frequently used in cooking or for beauty-related purposes like the ones described above. It can be a natural remedy to skin problems, treating your skin in the same way as other products but without all of the harsh chemicals. It’s even a cheaper alternative. So, to answer your question is… well, it depends. Not exactly the answer you were looking for.  

Coconut oil can be good for your skin but only from the neck down or on tougher, thicker parts of the skin. It should not be used on the face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Here are some popular myths surrounding some of the uses coconut oil and why it shouldn’t be applied to the face..

Myth: Coconut oil can heal acne.

Truth: Coconut oil can clog the skin’s pores and worsen your acne.

We all wish it could be true but the reality is that it’s not. Since coconut oil does contain lauric acid, vitamin E, and caprylic acids which reduce inflammation and clear up skin, you would think it can get rid of acne but instead, it acts as a barrier causing the acne to worsen. Oils should not be applied on any open wounds (that includes acne).

Myth: Coconut oil can minimize wrinkles and reduce the effects of aging.

Truth: It can’t penetrate the basic layer of skin to get rid of wrinkles.

Although coconut oil can act as a moisturizing agent and improve the skin’s appearance, it doesn’t last long. Most oils soothe out lines after being applied to the skin. In reality, their effects only appear to soothe lines but don’t permanently reduce the effects of aging and minimize wrinkles. Be proactive, not reactive. Instead of applying expensive creams and serums after the damage has already been done, stop the damage altogether by wearing sunscreen, avoid contact with UV rays, eat healthy, and don’t put harsh substances inside your body.

Myth: Coconut oil can be used as a facial moisturizer.

Truth: It is too heavy for most skin types leading to clogged pores.

For the same reason why it shouldn’t be used as a treatment for acne, it also should not solely be used as a moisturizer. Coconut oil does repair the skin’s barrier and traps in moisturizer. However these properties don’t make it a good facial moisturizer. It can be used to moisturize from the neck down. The best areas are elbows, knees, and heels – any thicker parts of the skin that are typically cracked and ashy.

Coconut oil does contain many properties that are good for the skin. Instead of using it as a product on its own, look for products that contain coconut oil so you can reap the benefits without the negative effects, or replacing your coconut oil with something more suited to treat acne like Sanseti’s Daily Exfoliating Cleanser With Natural AHA/BHA Extracts.


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