Over 90% of our body is covered with skin – it’s a well-known fact. We can’t simply decide to take care of our interior and exclude the exterior, after all it’s the part that the world sees. Our body is mostly skin, so it’s only right that when we schedule a meeting with the doctor or dietician, we see the dermatologist too. Skin care isn’t some avoidable aspect of our overall well-being that we can just shrug off when we see fit. Just like eating the right food and taking the right medicine, applying the right lotion is important too. Skin care might not seem as important as working out or dieting properly but upon a closer look, it might just be.

Skin care can affect your overall health in a number of ways

Aside from the ever-present cancer threat, there are a number of skin illness that can become life threatening when they are left unchecked. For example, Tetanus starts out slow, but given enough time, it will shut down your entire system. The same goes for smallpox. Both these diseases might seem predominantly skin related, but they usually cause some hefty internal damage. As much as the skin protects the entirety of the body, it can also do some major damage when it’s not cared for.

Skin protects us and gives us a hint of what is going on inside

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it performs a plethora of functions. It protects us from the harsh elements. Ultraviolet light doesn’t seep into the body thanks to the skin and cold temperatures is better handled by our bodies. It reacts to sickness and warns us of possible internal problems. Reddening of the skin surface could be an indication of internal bleeding.

Since our skin is important, it should be given daily attention as part of a healthy skin care routine. Most people have a set of physical routines that they stick to every day. Exercise, healthy foods, and medications are a normal part of many people’s lives; a typical skin care routine deserves to be part of your daily ritual. When people say skin care, they think of the face and perhaps the neck. They never think of the body entirely. It’s a bad habit. A complete skin care program consists of caring for the entire body from head to toe. Of course, a simple shower won’t do.

A full bath with a loofah is needed. If you are too busy to scrub your body down every day, you could do it once every two days. Always use lotion and creams that agree with your complexion. Certain skin care products are virtually poison to some people’s sensitive skin.

Get rid of the dead skin under your feet at least once a week. Don’t forget to clean your ears when taking care of your entire body.

Beautification tips

Of course, washing your skin is just one part of a proper healthy skin care routine. The other part entails using beauty products to reverse aging, protect against ultraviolet light, and combat the solution in the environment. Typically, this kind of skin care usually focuses around the face and it fits into any health care routine right after bathing. This routine usually involves exfoliating, using toners, sunscreen, lotions, creams, moisturizers etc. Like we said, a majority of them are applied to the face. All these health care products serve a unique function, and they are important for proper skin care. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin, toning evens out our complexion, moisturizing helps the skin retain water, and serums help reverse the aging process.

Our skin covers and protects the entirety of our organs. It is one of the most durable organs, but like most organs, it’s not invincible. It needs to be looked after, if not, it becomes vulnerable to the elements and ends up doing more harm than good. Cleaning our body and beautifying it is a strenuous, yet important, way to care for our skin in order to prevent skin conditions and diseases that can arise from negligence. Proper health care takes all parts of the body into account and that includes the exterior too.


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