We all know the importance of a regular skin care routine, but it isn’t as easy to know when to use which products. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of serums and moisturizers on your bathroom counter, then take a look at our guide below. We’ll give you the details on when and how to use which skin care products. Whew!

Your Daily Skin Care Steps

  • Cleanse your skin! This step might seem obvious, but it’s one of the most easily skipped. After all, who hasn’t wanted to fall into bed after a long day while still wearing make-up? While cleansing your face in the morning is often considered to be a personal choice, washing your face at night is non-negotiable. That’s because your skin has spent the day absorbing everything from bacteria  to your foundation. At the very least, a gentle nightly wash is essential for good skin health.
  • Moisturize. Apply moisturizer to your face in the morning and at night. You might want to apply a thin moisturizer, followed by any special serums or gels, first thing in the morning. For instance, a combination of our revitalizing marine moisturizer and advanced peptide serum. Eye creams, like our anti-puff eye gel, can go on just before you put on your make-up. Thicker creams, such as night cream, should be applied right before bed.  
  • Apply sunscreen. Sunscreen can feel like a hassle, but the protection that it offers against skin damage and even skin cancer is worth the inconvenience. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends an SPF of 15 for daily activities, such as driving your car to work, but you should move up to an SPF of 30 when you’re going to be spending more time outdoors. 

When shopping for sunscreen, you’ll notice that there are both physical and chemical sunscreens. Either sunscreen is an excellent choice for protecting your skin, they just work in different ways. Mineral sunscreen works as more of a barrier, reflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays, while chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the UV rays.

Mineral sunscreens (also called physical sunscreens) should be applied after your morning moisturizer. You’ll recognize mineral sunscreens for their labeling and their thicker consistency. Mineral sunscreens contain ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Chemical sunscreens, meanwhile, should be applied before your moisturizer. These sunscreens are thinner and usually easier to apply than mineral sunscreens.

Your Weekly Skin Care Steps

  • Exfoliate your skin. Regular exfoliation will leave your skin brighter and cleaner. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Most skin care professionals recommend that you use an exfoliator weekly, unless you have a product that is gentle enough to be used daily, such as our daily exfoliating cleanser. Keep in mind that some exfoliators, like scrubs made from sugar or fruit, should probably be avoided altogether. These products tend to be abrasive and can actually damage your skin by causing micro-tears. 
  • Use a face mask. A weekly face mask does more than just enhance the look and feel of your skin. A high-quality mask can also help you reduce stress and feel more relaxed. Taking the time to use a face mask before each work week begins is a game changer.

Your Monthly Skin Care Steps

  • Know your skin! Every month, take the time to evaluate your skin. Report any unusual moles or bumps to your doctor or dermatologist. Perform this skin self-exam from the American Academy of Dermatology Association. 
  • Explore Skin Treatments. Every month or so, consider treating yourself to a professional facial or another skin care treatment that you’d enjoy. Chemical peels and laser treatments are options that shouldn’t be done every day, but might be beneficial for your skin when done in moderation. 

Sanseti Products for Every Day

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